Peanut Butter and Jelly in a Mini Sofa DIY Living Room project

Doing a DIY project is absolutely fun especially when we are feeling boring and want a little bit to freshen up our space. The living room is becoming the most important thing you can choose to make it fresher with a mini sofa. To choose a sweet style of living room with a minimalist nuance this mini sofa will bring the nuance sweetly. So what kind of style will make the sofa you buy the best couch to make your minimalist living room looking good? Let’s find out more here.

A blue navy mini sofa for a minimalist living room

For you who have a minimalist design of a house, you better choose carefully for the furniture. It is not only about the size of your room but also how you can maximize the minimalist space with all your furniture. A mini sofa with the blue navy color could bring the beach nuance in your living room. The fresh blue color from the sofa is definitely a perfect color for your summer nuance.


When you deal with sofa make sure you are not only buying the best material but also the design which is becoming the main key for your living room design. A mini sofa can be your sweet spot once you can pick the right one. When you decide to bring a beach summer nuance you can pick a mini rattan sofa which has a white or blue navy cushion.

Combining the blue navy with white nuance

Blue and white, they are like peanut butter and jelly once you combine them. The basic color from white could blend elegantly with your blue navy. So when you pick the blue navy for your furniture to make sure you can combine it with the white color from the wall or for the rug. Let’s say you have a blue navy mini sofa now you can combine it with the white furry minimalist rug for your sofa area.

The point is doing a little bit mix and match between the basic color with the colorful colors. Like the example above you can pick between the furniture and the rug or you can pick between the wall and the floor. So in doing a DIY project you still can play with the mixture and some creation.

Just make sure in your mind that choosing the minimalist sofa like a mini sofa could bring something fresh to your minimalist living room. Then you can do a little bit mix and match in combining the color and the design. You can even do a little research if you don’t have any clue what you’re going to do next. So happy DIY!