Month: May 2016

Many Ways to Find Great Wood Working Tools

If you are a carpenter, your wood working tools are the most important thing that you own.  In fact, your tools can be the difference between a great job and a mediocre one.  There is certainly no reason to buy cheap tools if you want to do high quality work, as the limits you face with cheap tools will be of a great hindrance to you in this regard.

There are certainly a number of places to find high quality tools, but the price might not always be right.  You can certainly go to your local Home Depot or someplace like that in order to purchase your tools, and you can definitely get excellent tools there, but retail stores will often give you higher pricing than a lot of their alternatives.

The internet is actually my favorite place to purchase tools.  I find that I can get some of the best deals on some of the best tools simply by running a couple of internet searches and seeing what I can find.  Purchasing used tools is also an option if you want to save some money, but you do also run the risk of getting tools that are broken or damaged, and that is something you definitely want to avoid.

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All in all, my suggestion to anyone who is looking to buy some tools for woodworking is to do your proper research in order to get the best price possible.  If convenience is the most important factor, your local hardware store might be your best bet.  However, if you are always looking for the best deal possible, there are a number of other options available that might be better.  Ultimately, it all depends upon what it is exactly that you are looking for and how much you are willing to pay.

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Basically focusing on furniture with new wood working tools

What is both interesting and encouraging about most DIY projects with wood is that they remain focused on the home. It reminds one of the good old pioneering days when men and women pretty much had to survive on their own and make do with the natural resources that surrounded them. Then wood was in abundance but tools were not always easy to come by. Today it is the other way around where making furniture with the right wood working tools is concerned.

While for reasons to do with sustainability the challenge of finding the right wood remains, finding long-lasting and suitable tools is a lot easier because they are in abundance. But new users may still have a hard time deciding what to begin with. All we can do for now is offer a little encouragement by simply suggesting a short list to begin with. Go online and learn more extensively how these tools are applied to each process of furniture making.

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Every beginner should begin life as a DIY wood worker with the hand saw. Learning how to do straight and cross-cuts with this tool is a best practice for advancing skills and knowledge of the furniture making processes. In the beginning, even as a beginner, proper planning is essential. Begin life as a furniture maker without your tape measure and combination square, even an awl, and you will soon see where that leaves you.

You will also need a thickness planer. This is used for efficiently straightening edges of rough-cuts. Encouragingly, just so long as you follow the beginner’s steps in place, you will quickly graduate to using a circular saw and router. This saw is a versatile instrument while the router allows for more industrious processes which still allow for precision among practiced wood workers.

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Why sharpness in knives and sharpeners are safer than its dull alternatives

Here is a myth about knives, particularly those ferocious and dangerous looking ones. The sharper they are, the more dangerous they are, right? Children should not be seen near or handling knives. Well, that part is true anyway. All depending on how well users handle their knives and sharpeners, having a sharp knife (or a collection sharper than industrial use razors or blades) about is a lot safer than keeping blunt instruments about.

So, we have now taken care of the myth. That is all it is. Unless you are truly careless and reckless and irresponsible, having sharp knives about is quite safe. Of course, the sharper they are, the more useful they will be. An industrial knife slices a sheet of metal quite easily, like butter being sliced in half. There is also nothing more pleasurable than a good steak knife easily manipulating that juicy piece of steak, still fastened to the bone that you were reserving for last.

Let us emphasize this for you so you don’t forget. A sharp knife is a lot safer than a dull one. Think of it this way. It is a lot less likely to slip off a potato that you’re busy chopping and leading you to accidentally slice your finger. Also, if you make good use of one of the recommended knife sharpeners for home and/or professional use, you lean towards good maintenance which, in turn, improves the safety standards of your instruments.

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Just for information’s sake, there are three, not just one, instruments that are used to make and keep knives sharp. A knife sharpener, whether manual or electronic, is the obvious one. But then there is also the hone or strop. Stropping, by the way, maximizes the amount of contact the knife’s edge can make with the object being cut. Honing simply realigns the blade’s edge.

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